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Imint is a Swedish senior software enterprise in intelligent sensor and data analysis. For the last 15 years we have developed visionary products and cutting edge solutions that today are the very foundation for many leaders of innovation. The Vidhance video enhance software platform by Imint is the secret sauce in hundreds of millions video recording devices, lifting video quality and experience to unprecedented heights.

Our passion is around image- and video enhancement and we are experts in sensor data and optimization. We target all moving cameras, both in the consumer and industrial market.

Enhance videos to premium quality with our state-of-the-art video enhancement software
– Vidhance.

Smooth and easy – integrate and optimize Vidhance video enhancement software for different types of

Guarantee a perfect end-result – on-demand expert services in software integration, calibration, tuning and optimization.

With the deep cooperation with Imint, Xiaomi could always lead the market with cutting edge technology in the camera domain. Xiaomi launched Qualcomm 845 smartphones on the market with Vidhance Video Stabilization successfully integrated.
Xuanran Wang
Head of Xiaomi Camera Software Technology
MediaTek is committed to making great mobile experiences accessible to consumers around the globe. With its Vidhance software, IMINT is enabling our customers to bring to market cutting-edge smartphones with the latest video capabilities.
Nathan Li
Marketing Director at MediaTek
Vidhance Selfie is certainly a game changer for anyone who loves to shoot video with their selfie camera. If you’ve ever tried to watch a YouTube video of someone violently shaking their phone as they speak, you’d know how much they could benefit.
Ricky Villacrez
Editor at GSMArena
We carefully choose Vidhance as a key software to bring our video recording capabilities to top shelf level. We’ve been impressed by the technical edge in their software, as well as the professional expertise.
Bryan Chang
General Manager of Phone BU at ASUS
Imint has one of the best enhancement technology. We look forward to continuing to collaborate with the company to assist in the development of a new generation of power-efficient, AI-based video solutions for our Snapdragon mobile platforms.
Manvinder Singh
VP, Product Management, Qualcomm Technologies, Inc.
Our partnership with Imint ensures that when it comes to video performance and stabilization, the NOTE 7 is best-in-class. We look forward to increased collaboration with Imint to spark even more creativity and performance efficiency in the future.
Hong Ke
Senior Director of Product, Infinix Mobile
Vidhance stabilization does an incredible job stabilizing video from the rear camera. Front-facing video is even more impressive in this case.
Max Weinbach
Editor at XDA Developers

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Motorola success story

We’ve been working with Motorola since 2018 and are proud of what we’ve accomplished together in a short period of time. We’ve integrated our technology into 14 Motorola phones just in 2019 and 2020, and two trailblazing flagship handsets were among the first to feature new Vidhance features. Read our success story to learn why Motorola considers Imint a mature and dependable partner and how we’re revolutionizing smartphone video performance together.


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