Video stabilization software and beyond

Pushing the boundaries of video experience

  • Imint – leaders of innovation

  • Imint is a Swedish software enterprise in intelligent sensor and data analysis. We drive the development of visionary and targeted products and solutions that create leaders of innovation.

    ✔ Founded 2007 and listed december 2015
    ✔ The company behind Vidhance
    ✔ 10 years of video stabilization software for the consumer and industrial market

  • Vidhance – the new standard for mobile video

  • We develop software solutions with the ambition to set a new standard for mobile video in real time. Our video stabilization software is a groundbreaking package of Imint’s expertise in data analysis, optimization and video enhancement technology. From industrial applications to smartphones – Imint raises the bar for what you can expect from video optimization and user experience.

    Vidhance has reduced the gap between consumers with a smartphone and a professional film crew. Join the revolution – your customers’ will thank you.

  • We believe that there is huge unleashed potential in the smartphone ecosystem of today and we want to capitalize on that potential through an outstanding end user experience, setting the user’s creativity free.

    • Andreas Lifvendahl

    • CEO of Imint
  • At BQ we chose Imint and Vidhance because they had the right solution for us. Their support throughout the whole integration has been great and necessary for the success of this venture. Not only does Vidhance technology perform flawlessly in terms of stabilization but it also allows us to tailor our user’s experience while recording videos.

    • Carlos Iniesta

    • Head of Camera at BQ