What information we collect about you, for what purposes we process your personal data and what legal basis we use for each processing follows from the table below.

Categories of personal data Purpose of processing Legal basis for processing
”Device information”, such as IP-address, MAC-address, information from cookies and similar. In order to develop our website and make it more user friendly based on your use of our website (www.weareimint.com). The processing is necessary for the purposes of the Company’s legitimate interest of improving, streamlining, simplifying and developing its website and for the purpose of attracting mote clients and partners and publishing information of progress and product development in the Company (legitimate interest).

4.3: For job seekers

We can receive your personal data directly from you or from staffing, recruitment or employment rental companies that you apply through.

What information we collect about you, for what purposes we process your personal data and what legal basis we use for each processing follows from the table below.

Categories of personal data Purpose of processing Legal basis for processing
”Personal and contact information”, such as name, address, telephone number, e-mail address, CV, and other personal data you choose to provide us with. In order to, in connection with recruitment, be able to determine who is best suited for a certain position, and to make sure that the person concerned has the right competence. The processing is necessary for the purposes of the Company’s legitimate interest of employing the right personnel and to ensure that competent persons work for the Company (legitimate interest).

5: Storage period

IMINT will not store your personal data for a longer period than what is necessary in order to fulfil the purposes for which the data was collected, or for as long as IMINT is obligated to store your personal data in accordance with law, or to safeguard IMINT’s legal interests, e.g. if there is a legal process. Your data will then be deleted.

Some personal data will, in purpose of complying with relevant accounting law, be stored for seven years, counted from the end of the calendar year when the financial year, to which the data belonged, terminated.

Contact information to company representatives is stored during the period of time that IMINT assess the data necessary to maintain the relationship with the company/organisation. The data will be deleted when IMINT is informed that the data is no longer adequate or relevant for the purpose, or when the representatives so demands.

For more detailed information on how long IMINT stores specific personal data, please contact IMINT, see contact information under the section ”Contact” below.

6: Transfer of personal data to third party and third country

IMINT will not transfer personal data to any third party, unless the Company is required to do so by means of a legal obligation, or when necessary for IMINT to fulfill its commitment to you and its clients and partners. Your personal data will not be sold to a third party in the purpose of advertising. The table below lists situations when your personal data can be transferred to a third party.

Third party Reason for transferring personal data to a third party
Suppliers of cloud services IMINT stores some information in cloud services, why is some of your personal data can be transferred to suppliers of such services.
Suppliers and partners IMINT might transfer your personal data to different suppliers to our business in case the data is needed for the suppliers or partners to fulfill their commitments against IMINT.
Authorities Personal data could be transferred to authorities (also to foreign authorities) when it is needed in order to compile with legal obligations.

IMINT strive to process all your data inside the EU/EEA. IMINT will not transfer your personal data to any country outside the EU/EEA besides what is said below. If personal data is transferred to any country outside the EU/EEA, IMINT will take actions to ensure that the personal data continues to be protected and will also take the actions needed to, in a legal way, transfer personal data outside the EU/EEA.

IMINT uses suppliers of software for product developing and internal organisation, suppliers of marketing services, and suppliers of cloud services, such as Google and Amazon, which have their servers in the USA. Due to IMINT’s use of these suppliers’ services and software, your personal data could be transferred to the USA. The personal data IMINT collects of you when using IMINT’s intranet and website could be transferred to Google in the USA, through Google Analytics. IMINT has secured that your rights are protected in case of transferring of personal data to the USA by the above-mentioned suppliers’ connection to the EU-US Privacy Shield. More information is available at www.privacyshield.gov.

7: Social Media

Regarding personal data that occurs and is processed on social media, such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Vimeo, we refer users to the privacy policies of each media for information on how personal data is processed. According to IMINT the purpose of processing is to enable representatives for clients, potential clients and partners to interact and have contact with IMINT through social media. This in order to contribute to a good relationship between IMINT and its clients and partners as well as to make IMINT’s customer service easily accessible through several channels. The processing is necessary for the purposes of IMINT’s legitimate interest of marketing its brand and its products to clients, potential clients, and to partners (legitimate interest).

8: Your rights

Provided that IMINT is the controller of your personal data, you have the right to, whenever and without cost, obtain a register with information of what personal data that is registered on you, the purposes for the processing of this personal data and information of where this personal data has been collected, and to which recipient the data has been transferred to, or will be transferred to. You also have the right to, in the register, receive information of the predicted period of time under which the data will be stored or the criteria used to determine this period. A request of obtaining of such information should be written and sent to IMINT on the given address under the section ”Contact” below.

You have a right to data portability, which means that you may under certain circumstances have your personal data re-submitted to you, in a structured and accessible format, for transfer to another user/processor.

IMINT will on your request or its own initiative correct, unidentify, supplement or delete data that is discovered to be false, incomplete or misleading. IMINT is in some cases obligated to process your personal data even though you have requested them to be deleted.

You may under certain circumstances request that IMINT restricts the processing of your personal data (e.g. if you question if your personal data is correct or if the processing is legal). You also have a right to object against the processing under the given circumstances in applicable personal data legislation.

If you wish to exercise any of the rights set out above or if you have any questions regarding personal data that IMINT have, or questions regarding this privacy policy, please do not hesitate to contact IMINT (for contact information, see section ”Contact” below).

Should you be dissatisfied with IMINT’s processing of your personal data, please contact IMINT, and IMINT will do its best to meet your complaints. Your integrity is very important to IMINT, and IMINT always strive to protect and secure your personal data in the best possible way. Should IMINT nevertheless, in your opinion, fail in this ambition, please note that you are also entitled to lodge a complaint with the Swedish Data Protection Authority.

9: Cookies

IMINT use cookies for the purpose of providing certain functions on our website www.weareimint.com, and to improve our website and deliver a better, more personal service. The information is stored as a file containing encrypted login data. The information is used for automatic log in and to remember eventual settings on the website. IMINT use cookies in accordance with the IMINT policy for cookies, see www.weareimint.com/cookies/.

10: Links to other websites

On www.weareimint.com, links to external websites that IMINT does not control may occur. These websites do not fall under the scope of this privacy policy. IMINT takes no responsibility for the content of websites that are linked from www.weareimint.com.

11: Contact

If you have questions regarding how IMINT process your personal data, or if you want to exercise your rights, please contact IMINT on info@vidhance.com, by telephone on +46 18 474 99 90, or by letter to IMINT Image Intelligence AB, Kungsängsgatan 12, 753 22 Uppsala, Sweden.

12: Changes to this privacy policy

IMINT has the right to whenever change this privacy policy. If changes of this privacy policy are made, IMINT will publish the changed privacy policy on www.weareimint.com with information about when the changes enter into force. IMINT will also, in the best way possible, inform clients and partners.