Imint develops revolutionary image and video processing software that serves as the foundation for the consumer and commercial tech products designed by many of today’s leading innovators. The Vidhance video enhancement platform by Imint is the secret sauce quite literally found in hundreds of millions of video recording devices that takes video quality and the customer experience to unprecedented new heights.

Our passion is around image- and video enhancement and we are experts in sensor data and optimization. We enhance all moving cameras, both in the consumer and professional market.


Imint wants to revolutionize the way video is captured, enhanced, shared and consumed. We are a Swedish software company with one guiding star — to eliminate the quality difference between a small camera embedded in a smartphone and that generated by a professional camera.

Our Goal – The Liberation of Visual Storytelling

In the Consumer market, the debate about what the Metaverse will look like, and when it will materialize for the masses, continues. Regardless, we know one thing for certain: cameras will remain a critical sensor, and new types of products and solutions will be invented. You can rely on the fact that Imint will remain center stage in the bridge building to this new version of reality. We will continue to be the leading force for innovation that enables consumers around the world to bring their visual stories to life.

In the Professional market, the roll-out of 5G networks enables low latency and high bandwidth data communication. Connected and smart devices under the umbrella of IoT are either already camera focused or can extend their capabilities by adding camera sensors. The smartphone industry, with its massive volumes, has driven the standardization of high performance and versatile chipsets and operating systems, enabling industrial and professional devices to be developed and manufactured far more cost effectively than ever before.

This shift in technology works in synergy with societal macro trends. In many use cases, such as field guiding work using smart glasses or other head mounted camera devices, Imint is uniquely positioned with our Vidhance software to address the very specific needs and challenges of these professional users and consumers of video. We will continue to innovate new features and products that enhance all moving consumer and professional cameras in every type of application.


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With the deep cooperation with Imint, Xiaomi could always lead the market with cutting edge technology in the camera domain. Xiaomi launched Qualcomm 845 smartphones on the market with Vidhance Video Stabilization successfully integrated.
Xuanran Wang
Head of Xiaomi Camera Software Technology
MediaTek is committed to making great mobile experiences accessible to consumers around the globe. With its Vidhance software, IMINT is enabling our customers to bring to market cutting-edge smartphones with the latest video capabilities.
Nathan Li
Marketing Director at MediaTek
Vidhance Selfie is certainly a game changer for anyone who loves to shoot video with their selfie camera. If you’ve ever tried to watch a YouTube video of someone violently shaking their phone as they speak, you’d know how much they could benefit.
Ricky Villacrez
Editor at GSMArena


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