Vision & Strategy

  • Rapid technology advancement has enabled billions of users to take close-to-professional looking still photos with their smartphones. But it’s unlikely that you feel your smartphone video would be good enough to air on a big screen. Why?

    Our vision

    Compared with still photography, and although captured with the same technical device, video medium is much trickier to control and do well. Video is live and running, stacking unknown moments after each other. And maybe it is just because of this fact that people want to create and share videos more and more. However, not many have the time or skill to post-process their videos. Instead, they want to share them immediately with friends and family.

    At Imint we want to revolutionize the way video is captured, enhanced, shared and consumed. The guiding star for us has always been to blot out the differences in the experience delivered by a small camera equipment such as that in a smartphone from that generated by professional equipment

  • MediaTek is committed to making great mobile experiences accessible to consumers around the globe. With its Vidhance software, IMINT is enabling our customers to bring to market cutting-edge smartphones with the latest video capabilities. We have successfully worked on a number of high profile product launches with our joint smartphone customers and are excited to deepen our collaboration efforts.

    • Nathan Li

    • Marketing Director at MediaTek
  • “With the deep cooperation with Imint, Xiaomi could always lead the market with cutting edge technology in the camera domain. Xiaomi launched Qualcomm 845 smartphones on the market with Vidhance Video Stabilization successfully integrated. I am strongly looking forward to more innovations with Imint in 2019 to grow the partnership even deeper!”

    • Xuanran Wang

    • Head of Xiaomi Camera Software Technology
  • After a careful selection process, we choose Vidhance from Imint as a key software product to bring our video recording capabilities to top shelf level. We’ve been impressed by the technical edge in their software, as well as the professional expertise brought into this important project. We hope this is the platform for a long and successful partnership.

    • Bryan Chang

    • General Manager of Phone BU at ASUS