Action Stabilization

Be able to handle action packed recordings on mobile devices.

Life Moves Fast, Vidhance Action Stabilization Technology Captures It Beautifully

The motion tamer

Yes, you can record just about everything with a smartphone camera. But there is still room for a lot of improvement. One hard challenge is to create stable videos in scenes with excessive motion. Vidhance Action Stabilization was developed to bring action-camera performance to smartphones, utilizing today’s wide-angle and high-resolution sensors to create more stable results.

This is possible thanks to the much larger source video produced by today’s smartphone cameras. Vidhance Action Stabilization is able to manipulate more of the original video to compensate for excessive motion, resulting in stabilization on-par with or exceeding that of dedicated action cameras.

  • Bringing action-camera performance to smartphones
  • Compensate for excessive motion
  • Utilizing wide-angle and high-resolution sensors

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Vidhance Action Stabilization

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