Body Cams

Good video quality is of course vital when choosing the optimal body worn-camera for law enforcement purposes. Policemen are often involved in heated and violent situations which places high demands on the body worn-camera to cope with sudden movements. A blurry recording can obstruct the process of accountability.

Trust your recordings

Are you worried that tampering with the video would mean that you cannot use the video as evidence? The thing is, you can keep one version of the video untouched and store it on the memory card.

If you also want to livestream the video for watching, you can apply the Vidhance video stabilization. Not only is the result more pleasant to watch. It also requires less bandwidth than streaming the original file. Win win!

By integrating Vidhance video stabilization software to the body cam, the video content quality will always be smooth, sharp and stable. Making it possible to identify a perpetrator during hasty circumstances. It’s been proven by a leading video camera equipment provider, primarily focused on professional markets.

No latency with real-time processing

Vidhance performs all processing in parallel and in real time. You don’t need to wait for time-consuming post-processing of the video material. Instead, you can watch the video in a livestream. If that is not an option, at least the video is ready as soon as you lay your hands on the device.

New application area – same technology

We have already proven to be the best video stabilizer in smartphones. More than 200 million devices currently on the market use the Vidhance platform. The body-worn camera application may be a new area to us, but we have good news. The basic hardware in the body-worn cameras is the same as in smartphones! This means that the Vidhance platform already works in the body-worn camera environment.
As you may know, Vidhance already support various platforms:

  • Qualcomm
  • Mediatek
  • HiSilicon

You can read more about the details here. We are continuously expanding to new chipsets and platforms. Is yours not on the list? Please contact us to see if it is in the pipe.

Optimize the parameters with our flexible API

Although the basic technology is the same as for smartphones, with the different usage area you may want to optimize the processing with other goals in mind.

For example, in body-worn cameras it is more common than in smartphones to capture videos with a wide-angle lens. This puts higher demands on perspective corrections to avoid vertical lines getting rounded.

Luckily, Vidhance comes with a very flexible, clear-cut and modular API. This makes you free to optimize the parameters in the different features to suit your specific needs. You can test and tune the processing to obtain the best result possible for your device.

Low power consumption

One of the strengths of Vidhance is the low power consumption. This is partly thanks to the intelligent use of sensor data instead of image-based calculations.

Recommended Vidhance features for body-worn cameras

Body-worn cameras are often used in challenging circumstances for a video capture. Fast movements, low light conditions and a constantly changing camera position and focus length.

We can see that some of the features in the Vidhance platform are extra valuable for body-worn cameras:

  • Video stabilization: Remove unwanted movements and get a smoother viewing experience.
  • Variable lens distortion correction: Remove the halo effect that is especially common in videos captured with wide-angle lenses.
  • Horizon correction: Adjust a skewed horizontal line due to a varying camera position.
  • Dynamic motion blur reduction: Minimize the effect of motion blur of a stabilized video based on the knowledge gained from performing the stabilization.

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