Stabilization solutions

Vidhance Consumer Solutions

The Vidhance algorithms elevates images and videos to never before seen levels. Today, our algorithms power hundreds of millions of cameras.

Stabilization solutions

IMINT creates solutions for smartphones, smartwatches, smart glasses and other applications. Through groundbreaking algorithms we bring best in class and innovative features.

Our experience in different industries has given us a unique understanding of consumer market’s specific requirements. We are committed to continue to evolve our state-of-the-art products and solutions and bring them to new markets.

Smartphone friendly


Vidhance transforms a standard smartphone camera into a professional video recording device, making it possible for the user to fully capture that magical moment on the screen. Vidhance is based on cutting edge video enhancement algorithms and can be found in smartphones from the world’s leading manufacturers.

Smart Glasses

Optimized and customized for the specific requirements of consumer wearables like AR glasses, Imint’s Vidhance video stabilization technology overcomes the inherent challenges of keeping AR glasses steady when shooting live video or still photos. The result is a video feed or still images that are in focus and in frame – no matter how much shake or wobble occurs while the wearer is moving during recording.

Simple clear-cut modular API

Vidhance SDK

Highly efficient energy consumptions, CPU- and memory footprint, easy to integrate and optimise on pre-validated platforms, faster time to commercialisation, full control of code and future maintenance and always up-to-date with the latest software version.

More than timekeeping


Smartwatch technology opens up to more possibilities than just timekeeping. One of the latest trends among smartwatches is to equip a dual camera on the watch for entertainment and video call purposes. Vidhance brings better video quality with less HW requirements at a lower cost. Creating a basis for a successful business.

Unmanned aerial vehicles


We actually have our roots in the drone business. Filming from unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) such as drones can be tricky. With Vidhance implemented, turbulence, sudden motions and strong vibrations will not be an obstacle – even in the most difficult conditions.

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