The Imint story

The Imint story

Founded in 2007, Imint originates as a spin-off from academic research at the Uppsala University. The first couple of years were spent serving the demanding defense market where our main objective was to create innovations for aerial reconnaissance. Something that we achieved with flying colors when we later expanded to UAV applications, drones and solutions for air traffic control.

Imint’s progress did not go unnoticed. In 2013, we were approached by several leading smartphone manufacturers that saw what we saw – our technology, that massively improved the performance of video in real time, would fit perfectly in a smartphone. Soon after that the first version of Imints video stabilization software for Android, Vidhance, was released.

In 2015, Imint Image Intelligence AB was listed and today we are a global brand. We have positioned ourselves as the leading video enhancement software company, having signed up with most of the top 10 smartphone manufacturers and we serve more than 20 customers in total. Our customers all have one thing in common, they all want the best solutions available. 

Hard work is deeply rooted in us and we constantly strive for the next level, evolving our products and services. By combining our world-leading knowledge in algorithms and software development we will continue to push the boundaries for mobile video enhancement.

Our next big milestone is soon a reality, 1 billion installed Vidhance products.



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With the deep cooperation with Imint, Xiaomi could always lead the market with cutting edge technology in the camera domain. Xiaomi launched Qualcomm 845 smartphones on the market with Vidhance Video Stabilization successfully integrated.
Xuanran Wang
Head of Xiaomi Camera Software Technology
MediaTek is committed to making great mobile experiences accessible to consumers around the globe. With its Vidhance software, IMINT is enabling our customers to bring to market cutting-edge smartphones with the latest video capabilities.
Nathan Li
Marketing Director at MediaTek
Vidhance Selfie is certainly a game changer for anyone who loves to shoot video with their selfie camera. If you’ve ever tried to watch a YouTube video of someone violently shaking their phone as they speak, you’d know how much they could benefit.
Ricky Villacrez
Editor at GSMArena


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