Investor Relations

  • Imint is a company that was born out of two entrepreneurs ‘research at Uppsala University. Namely projects regarding video improvement for drones that invented methods for quickly analyzing, optimizing and improving moving images. After years of intense development, Imint has the ability to fundamentally change how we use video in everyday life.

    At the moment, we are expanding to meet the requests from our customers at a faster pace. It also gives us the opportunity to actually make a significant impression and really change what the consumer thinks are unwavering restrictions on mobile video.

Information Disclosure

  • Imint’s information channels consist mainly of the company’s financial reporting (annual reports and interim reports), press releases, newsletters via Aktietorget’s website and the company’s website, presentations for the capital market stakeholders, as well as interviews with the media.

    Imint’s ambition with its external communication is to support the business strategy, increase interest in the company, and to strengthen the company’s perception by communicating knowledge and news about Imint and its operations.

    The aim of Imint’s information disclosure is to:

    • Provide essential and accurate information in a timely and correct manner
    • To not comment on rumors, speculations, stock analyzes or stock pricing
    • Make sure that all stakeholders in the capital market will be treated equally
    • Ensure the reliability of information by setting up fixed procedures for information management

    All communications must comply with the rules set out in the listing agreement with Aktietorget, swedish policy for corporate governance, ABL, ÅRL and other applicable rules.

IR Contact – Jens Ålander

  • “With the deep cooperation with Imint, Xiaomi could always lead the market with cutting edge technology in the camera domain. Xiaomi launched Qualcomm 845 smartphones on the market with Vidhance Video Stabilization successfully integrated. I am strongly looking forward to more innovations with Imint in 2019 to grow the partnership even deeper!”

    • Xuanran Wang

    • Head of Xiaomi Camera Software Technology
  • At BQ we chose Imint and Vidhance because they had the right solution for us. Their support throughout the whole integration has been great and necessary for the success of this venture. Not only does Vidhance technology perform flawlessly in terms of stabilization but it also allows us to tailor our user’s experience while recording videos.

    • Carlos Iniesta

    • Head of Camera at BQ
  • We believe that there is huge unleashed potential in the smartphone ecosystem of today and we want to capitalize on that potential through an outstanding end user experience, setting the user’s creativity free.

    • Andreas Lifvendahl

    • CEO of Imint