Annual General Meeting 2019

  • The 2019 Annual General Meeting will take place in Uppsala on May 13.

    Nomination Committee
    The nomination committee of Imint Image Intelligence AB (Imint) for the AGM 2019 has been appointed. According to the decision at the AGM 2018, the nomination committee shall consist of representatives from the three major shareholders. The members of the nomination committee are Öjvind Norberg (chair), Board Management AB, Hans Thomsen and Peter Ekerling. Katarina Bonde, chair of the board of directors, is also part of the nomination committee.

Notice for annual general meeting 2018

Warrant for annual general meeting 2018

CEO presentation at AGM 2018

Minutes of from AGM 2018

Annual General Meeting 2017

  • The Imint 2017 Annual General Meeting was held on May 8 in Uppsala.

CEO presentation at AGM 2017

Minutes of from AGM 2017

Proposals and Press Release for AGM 2017

Notice for AGM 2017