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Peter Ekerling - Chairman of the Board since May 2020

Peter Ekerling is one of the largest shareholders in Imint and has many years of experience as an entrepreneur in various markets. Among other things, Peter has built up a larger confectionery chain in Sweden with good results and created one of the first Fintech companies in the country to have achieved great success. Peter is currently a board member of Edblad & Co AB.


Martin Thunman (born 1969) - Board member since May 2018

Martin Thunman Martin has a 20 years’ successful track record and experience in the technology sector. He has been a founder, CEO, and executive for fast-growing technology companies such as Adra AS and Packetfront AB since 2001. Martin is the founder and CEO of Crosser Technologies AB, a company with focus on edge computing in the Internet of Things. He has a strong background in international B2B business and a solid experience of financing in the venture capital world. Mats has a degree of Master of Science in Business from university of Lund.

Joakim Nydemark

Joakim Nydemark (born 1971) - Board member since September 2015

Joakim holds an engineering degree from Lunds Tekniska Högskola. He has over 15 years of experience in development and growth companies, including as CEO of Obigo AB and in other senior positions, including being Vice President of Teleca, Global Sales Manager and later CEO of TAT AB and Global Sales and Marketing Director of Anoto Group AB. From this background he has gathered unique experience of international sales in relation to the mobile phone industry as well as establishing businesses in the Asian market.

Joakim has been CEO of Chrunchfish AB since 2012.


Anders Ingeström (born 1957) - Board member since May 2019

Anders has over 35 years of experience as founder, CEO, executive, active board member in growth companies in the IT/Telecom sector, with executive and CEO experience from companies such as AU-System, Across Wireless, Sonera Smarttrust and Spinbox. Anders has since 2015 been active as board member or chairman of the board in Jeeves Information Systems, Spinbox, Idevio, Palette Software, Encare, Solutions Experts and Imagimob among others. From this background Anders has gathered unique experience of growing and internationalize companies. Anders has an M Sc engineering degree from the university of Linköping.

Öjvind Norberg

Öjvind Norberg – Board member since May 2020

Öjvind Norberg has a long and successful track record as CEO from multiple private- and public sector companies and he has been an active board member in over thirty companies. Öjvind has started and run a number of non-profit organisations with focus on management and corporate governance, such as Styrelseakademien, SAMC – Swedish Association of Management Consultants and Företagarnas Riksstyrelse. In addition to that he has been a university lecturer in Business at the Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm School of Economics, Södertörn University and at the IHM Business School. Öjvind has also started the venture capital company PÄAB Professionell Ägarstyrning AB which successfully has invested in a number of tech-startups in the Uppsala region.



Andreas Lifvendahl (born 1971) - CEO

Andreas has been CEO since 2012, having previously been the company’s sales director 2010-2011. He left Imint 2011 to lead the international technology consultancy Etteplans (publ) local office in Uppsala. Andreas has over 15 years of experience in global large-scale sales and sales management in Europe, the United States and Asia in markets such as the the software and semiconductor industry. He holds a Master of Science in Engineering Physics from Uppsala University, and has further academic education in Commercial Law (Uppsala University) and Business Management (Handelshögskolan).

Jonathan Ekman – Director of Finance


Johan Svensson (born 1978) - CTO

Johan holds a MSc in Engineering Physics from Umeå University and has experience from GE Healthcare’s organisation, where he had a number of senior roles in project management and product development. He has also held senior engineer roles in optics and sensor technology during his time at GE. Outside office hours, Johan is a skilled and enthusiastic photographer.


Jan Nyrén (born 1974) - Director of Marketing

Jan Nyrén has nearly 20 years of experience in technical and commercial roles in the IT and telecom industry and has previously worked at IAR Systems, where he served as product manager. Nyrén has a Master of Science degree from KTH, Kungliga Tekniska Högskolan, supplemented with economic studies at Uppsala University and Mittuniversitetet. Nyrén has long experience of international business and relations within the telecom sector and a good understanding of the challenges of both smaller fast-growing technology companies and major telecom companies.


Thomas Sporrong (born 1977) - Director of Sales

Thomas has over 15 years’ experience of the Embedded software industry in a broad set of roles including technical, sales and leadership roles. He is internationally seasoned and has a strong background in software product business where he managed global sales- and application teams as well as acted in customer forefront roles. Thomas holds a Bachelor of Science in Electronics and a Master of Science in Computing, both from Mälardalen University.

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