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Value & Strategy

Value & Strategy

Rapid technology advancement has enabled billions of users to take close-to-professional looking still photos and videos with their smartphones. Much thanks to the ever improving image and video software algorithms.

Our value

At Imint we want to revolutionize the way video is captured, enhanced, shared and consumed. We are a Swedish software product company with a guiding star; to blot out the differences in the experience delivered by a small camera equipment such as that in a smartphone from that generated by professional equipment.

Our strategy

We focus on building products, where we package both a growing number of solutions as well as our own expertise into a scalable format, which is a recipe for growth. We know that growth and potential growth will be the driver for the long term value for our shareholders, and we know that this requires constant innovation and curiosity.

Empowered humans are the foundation for succeeding with this and we always engage with the sharpest and the most creative minds in the industry.

We are the world’s leading video enhancement software provider, and to date, we have integrated Vidhance into nearly one billion consumer devices. That is however, merely the start of our journey. In the next chapter of our story we will also target professional users with existing and new solutions, with sustainable and longer term business models.

To increase clarity and transparency to the market, we will from 2023 in our public reports present our business in two separate business units – Consumer and Professional.

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