Live Composer

Track, zoom and pan with no effort.

Be a professional

The dream is within reach. Vidhance Live Composer gives you the chance to be a professional filmmaker. Is your preferred subject skiing, skating, surfing, cycling or other moving activities? Perfect, this intelligent software automatically and smoothly follows, detects and tracks moving objects, even when you zoom and pan.

  • Improved filming experience by helping you keep focus on a moving target
  • Better consumer experience by avoiding unintended shifts in focus
  • Flexible user interface. UI can be adjusted as desired by the customer, such as how to zoom-in and out, by pitching, panning, or a slider
  • Can be used in several modes, such as with/without preview etc.
  • Low power consumption, since cooperating with other Vidhance features

Tap and track

Vidhance Live Composer empowers the users and reduces the gap between them and the “real” professionals. Even before you start filming or taking a picture, Vidhance Live Composer is creating the best conditions for capturing flawless video.

Filming moving objects can be tricky. You have to hold the camera in a position that you don’t see the screen, you may be occupied with something else or just enjoying the thrill of the moment. With Vidhance Live Composer at your disposal, you can do all of the above, and still catch the perfect video. Simply tap on the object that you want to follow and VLC will keep this object in full focus for you. Voilà!

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