Imint Strikes Partnership with Leading Binocular Developer to Enhance Binocular Viewing Experience for Consumers

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IMINT Image Intelligence AB (“Imint”), a global leader in video enhancement software, announced a partnership with a leading company that designs, develops, and manufactures high-end binoculars. After years dominating the smartphone and wearables industries, this collaboration marks Imint’s debut in a completely new market.


Vidhance Video Stabilization intelligently removes unwanted motion to create a smooth, high-quality, and in-focus image, even when the binoculars are moving. Vidhance Horizon Correction automatically levels the horizon of a binocular’s image without impacting stabilization quality. This strategic partnership demonstrates Imint’s continued growth in a new product category and signifies the importance of high-quality, stable video & viewing experiences.

“Binoculars have become extremely sophisticated products that feature high-tech algorithms to ensure exceptional viewing quality. This shows the versatility of the Vidhance platform and the width of markets where it can be applied.” said Andreas Lifvendahl, Chief Executive Officer of Imint.

Today, Imint’s Vidhance software can be found in a variety of smartphone devices from leading manufacturers such as Xiaomi, Motorola, Asus and Sharp amongst many others. Furthermore, Imint has emerged as the video stabilization leader in the wearables market through collaboration with brands such as RealWear and Rokid.

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