Imint’s Updated Selfie Mode 1.2 Empowers Smartphone Users with Enhanced Selfie Video Technology

Selfies have taken the videography and social media worlds by storm. They’ve become a necessary part of modern culture, a way to engage with others on social media platforms, conduct videoconference sessions, and capture and share moments that matter most. But as strongly as society has embraced selfie videos as an important facet of personal and professional pursuits, many still struggle with the technical limitations of producing consistently good-quality selfie videos. 

Often off-center, unfocused and visually unappealing, selfie videos can require ample experimentation to get right, meaning an increasingly important aspect of a modern video-centric and mobile-centric lifestyle can become a source of aggravation. However, as user preferences shift from image-based content to the interactive format of videos on ever-popular platforms like TikTok and Instagram, it’s time for smartphone OEMs to explore and implement better selfie video solutions. 

Selfie video quality

New Cultural Norms Drive Demand for Better Selfie Video Technologies

Positioning, lighting, and angling tips to help users produce better selfie videos inundate the Internet. The real issue, however, often stems from the technology driving the smartphone camera’s selfie mode which utilizes front-facing camera lenses. Naturally, it’s much harder to hold a smartphone steady in this orientation, which often results in shaky video feeds and unfocused faces.

Recognizing the importance of quality selfies to the modern culture of communication and self-expression, Imint has added new-and-improved Selfie Mode software to its Vidhance video stabilization platform. An update to its original Selfie Mode technology, Selfie Mode 1.2 brings greater accuracy, intelligence and stabilization to selfie videos. 

“The technological improvements represent Imint’s dedication to delivering the best video imaging from mobile devices, with no decrease in video quality when the user is leveraging the front-facing camera,” says Imint CTO Johan Svensson. “Today’s tech-savvy consumers are driving innovation in a diverse range of product categories and industries. Mobile devices are no exception. Selfie users expect their mobile devices to do more and perform better, and this includes the ability to produce exceptional selfie videos.”

Selfies Command a Big Slice of Video-Centric Communication 

Svensson continues, “The Selfie Mode 1.2 improvements come at an opportune time when high-speed 5G connectivity is becoming more pervasive. The transmission rates are ready to handle heavy streams of high-resolution video, and consumers who had no choice but to communicate via video during the pandemic now embrace selfie videos as a normal mode of communication. Now, it’s up to smartphone camera technology to keep pace.”

Selfie Mode 1.2 Clears Common Video Hurdles

Leveraging the rich feature set of Imint’s first-generation Selfie Mode technology, Selfie Mode 1.2 utilizes artificial intelligence to enhance the selfie video experience by focusing on several key components. With Face Tracking, no longer will users “lose” their face in selfie videos, a common occurrence when shooting against bright backgrounds. Intelligent Face Position Activation, meanwhile, keeps a user’s face centered and in-frame, even as they move. The level of activation adjusts automatically based on whether the user’s face or body is in the center of the frame or the background dominates the frame. 

Smarter Motion Estimation optimizes these face-focusing improvements, delivering a new level of stabilization and smoothness to selfie videos and overcoming the inherent challenge of maintaining a steady grip on a smartphone while shooting. Selfie Mode 1.2’s Smarter Still Mode does the same, even when a smartphone is still, albeit at a lower stabilization rate. 

Driving the Mobile Device Market Forward with Vast Video Improvement

Combined, the advanced technologies comprising Selfie Mode 1.2 enable the high-quality selfie videos that consumers crave. Integrated into mobile devices, this upgrade to Imint’s Vidhance video stabilization software sets a new standard for selfie videos. Plagued no longer by quality issues that ensue when shooting selfie videos while on the move and in settings with less-than-ideal lighting, Imint’s Selfie Mode 1.2 meets the ever-evolving demands of today’s mobile device users, giving them the tools to communicate more effectively and efficiently via video selfies, both for business and for pleasure.

Learn more about our revolutionary, newly updated Selfie Mode 1.2 here. For more information on how to implement Selfie Mode 1.2 and other Vidhance video stabilization technologies into mobile devices, contact us here.

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