The Three behind Imint is awarded Uppsala University's innovation prize in 2023

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Andreas Lifvendahl, Johan Svensson and Harald Klomp, who all played a major role in the development of the successful software company Imint, are awarded The Uppsala University Innovation and Entrepreneurship Award.


Andreas Lifvendahl, Johan Svensson och Harald Klomp. Foto: Adrian Beck, privat och Erik A. Eriksson

Uppsala, Sweden, February 8, 2023. The Uppsala University Innovation and Entrepreneurship Award recognises individuals who have made a crucial contribution to the successful commercialisation or implementation of a discovery or innovation based on research or education at Uppsala University, with considerable benefit to society. The award was established in 2021 by the Uppsala University Innovation and Entrepreneurship Award Foundation, which seeks to raise the visibility of the University’s entrepreneurial culture.

Reviewer’s reasonings:

“The 2023 recipients of Uppsala University’s innovation and entrepreneurship award are Andreas Lifvendahl, Johan Svensson and Harald Klomp, who in various phases were decisive for the development of the software company Imint. This year’s award winners have with great success brought advanced technology from Uppsala University to the world market through innovative solutions for video stabilization in smart phones. They have shown how research in image analysis can be refined through various applications to become a pioneer in its current and highly competitive niche. The technology is the basis of the fast-growing company Imint, which by constantly seeking new value-creating applications and collaborations exhibits a continued high ambition of utilization and innovation.”

The prize sum amounts to SEK 500,000. Link to more information about the prize.

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