Video Enhancement Software


  • Vidhance is a video enhancement software that transforms a limited smartphone camera into a professional video recording device. Users will be able to catch and share moments instantly in real-time with premium results. Vidhance provides a well-thought-out set of functions that may be integrated in different layers of the software stack; from deeply embedded integration, to apps to cloud implementations. Our video enhancement software will deliver even in the thoughest conditions.

  • vidhance-video-stabilization-450x674
    • Video Stabilization

    • Today’s smartphone cameras have almost reached professional standard. But video lags way behind; compared with professional films, the difference is gigantic. Because no matter how stable you hold your smartphone, your video will still wobble. Vidhance video enhancement software solves that problem. Now your videos will look smooth and stable – right from the very beginning. Video stabilization have never been more impressive.

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  • vidhance-live-auto-zoom-450x674
    • Live Auto Zoom

    • How can you create films that are engaging and interesting? Films with a cinematic flair that you want to share and others want to view. Professionals know the answer. They zoom much more and pan much smoother than we do. Because we know that using the zoom on a smartphone is cumbersome and the results often close to useless. Vidhance Live Auto Zoom solves this problem.

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    • Auto Curate

    • Who hasn’t shot far too long video sequences on their smartphone? What if there was an easy way of cutting out the boring parts, keeping only the interesting ones? This is what Vidhance Auto Curate does. With Vidhance in your phone, you achieve professional video results in seconds. Experience the future in video enhancement software, experience Vidhance.


The technology

  • Vidhance platform is based on state-of-the-art, real-time video algorithms – it’s both easy to integrate and to use. Stabilization, object tracking, motion-in-motion detection, smart frame composition and many other features are built in and can easily be tuned, configured and combined in any preferred manner.

    Our smart and adaptive algorithms, many carefully crafted over the years, extract metadata from incoming video streams. After combining it with data from other device sensors when available, they produce professional-looking video in a fully automatic and efficient manner. Many of our algorithmic methods, as well as use case concepts, are patented or patent pending.