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– Preparation Is Key

Video Composition

Good video composition is crucial to be able to capture moments in real-time. Every director knows this. With Vidhance Video Composition at your disposal you can act like a pro and proactively create a good video composition before you start recording. Design the layout and adjust the focus for even better composed videos.

Through a UI, the user can freely design the layout and focus before capturing a well composed video. Finally, you will be able to compose distinctive videos with a cinematic feel!

Core Features

Previous name: Live Auto Zoom

Live Composer

Stable Zoom In Real-Time – Zooming and panning is a big part of video composition. Elements that, at least when it comes to smartphone cameras, seldom produces good results. With Vidhance Video Composition you use the zoom or panning function without ruining your videos. Vidhance Video Composition follows the object you want capture and makes sure that your wobbly hands don’t affect the end result.

Object Tracking Assistance – Are you filming something that moves? No problem. Vidhance Live Composer can assist you in smoothly following, detecting and tracking moving objects, even when you zoom and pan.  It benefits the user when recording skiing, skating, surfing, cycling or other moving activities. Empowering the consumers and reduces the gap between them and professional filmmakers.

Smoother Selfie Mode

Do you often make video calls, Vlogging or short recorded video messages? Did you notice that even the electronic gimbals cannot give the stability desired to shoot moving selfie videos, since the surrounding world will be stabilized but the face will still be moving?

We have solved this problem. With Vidhance Selfie Mode, it is easier to keep yourself in the frame and allows you to focus on the conversation rather than the technical issues.

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