Post Process

  • Edit like a pro. Vidhance opens up to the possibility to improve images and video clips after capture. The gallery function increases the experience before posting the material. Vidhance Post Process can also be aligned with lower end platforms.

Core Features

  • Stabilization in post processing mode

  • Not satisfied with your recorded video? Don’t worry. Video stabilization can in fact also be executed in post-processing mode – for instance when the stabilization algorithms are applied on an already recorded video at night or when the smartphone is idling. This opens up the possibility to apply the Vidhance stabilization algorithms on low-end devices with less processing power.

    Above of Vidhance Stabilization, there are many other Vidhance features that can be made in post process, such as Perspective Correction, Live Composer and so on. Questions? Contact us for more information!


Video Post Production


  • Vidhance Post Process is part of the Vidhance SDK, which includes support for integration in any software layer of the camera pipeline, whether it is inside the camera driver or in a high-level application. Vidhance offers a rich and well documented API with a high level of configuration available to the user. A standard CPU/GPU works just fine, so there are hardly any hardware dependencies or minimal requirements to worry about.