Video Stabilizer – Tell A Captivating Story

  • Tell a story that captivates the viewer. Smooth, sharp and stable – right from the beginning. That’s how it is to capture video with our smartphone video stabilizer Vidhance. Noise and blur reduction, stabilization and lens distortion corrections are among the technical improvements that will increase video quality. Get ready to be surprised by the new level of quality videos that you will be capturing on a daily basis!

    The Vidhance core platform is a foundation on which a rich set of optional features can added to further enhance the video recording.


  • Video Stabilization

  • Proper video stabilization is not merely a question of dampening motion with low-pass filters or applying technologies originally developed for still images. A good solution should encourage users to roam around and feel liberated, safe in the knowledge that the stabilization completely removes unintentional motion while only keeping the intentional parts – and all in real time. That solution is called Vidhance video stabilization and is a smartphone video stabilizer.

    The comparison on the right speaks for itself, no matter how the handheld camera is used, Vidhance smartphone stabilizer will always deliver a stable and better result. Our world leading algorithm is expanding with many video stabilization add-on features, such as Active OIS support, 4K@60fpt support, higher frame rates support (>30fps) and Front Camera Stabilization. Contact us for more information!

  • Vidhance Horizon Correction

  • A Skewed horizon is one of the most obvious mistakes a beginner makes in a video. Even professionals have issues getting all the parts in a sequence in level, especially if the camera is supposed to move. For a still image, the result can be quite easily corrected afterwards. But for a video, where the angle can change over time, it is much more difficult.

    With Vidhance Horizon Correction, implemented as an add-on feature to Vidhance Stabilization, the horizon can automatically be leveled within a predefined range of tilt without impacting stabilization quality. Your videos will look more professional while walking, panning, or using a selfie stick, free from slanting horizons.

  • Vidhance Dynamic Motion Blur Reduction

  • Quick movements that create blurry videos are a common hassle. The Vidhance Dynamic Motion Blur Reduction (VDMBR) minimizes the effect of motion blur of a stabilized video in a dynamic way by tuning different parameters based on the knowledge gained from performing the stabilization and hence take in to account the movement and lighting in the scenario.

    By applying this user friendly and high precision feature on top of Vidhance smartphone video stabilizer, Vidhance can deliver even sharper and non-distorted output videos. Independently on the type of device used and filming circumstances or context your videos will be stable and sharp.



  • Vidhance Noise Reduction

  • Vidhance Noise Reduction reduces the amount of image noise that can emerge from random variations of brightness and color information. Making annoying film artifacts and shot noise in your videos a thing of the past.

Video Stabilizer
  • Vidhance Time Lapse

  • Vidhance Time Lapse is a cool and cinematic method which gives the user an accelerated view of the recorded video. It becomes a cool feature that allows users create a more stable time-lapse video in greater quality and increased cinematic effect.

  • Variable Lens Distortion Correction

  • All smartphone lenses are subject to different amount of lens distortion caused by the relative wide field of view compared to the image sensor size. A wide angle lens in combination with a high resolution sensor and Vidhance Variable Distortion enables the same sensor to work both as a wide- and normal field of view camera. Making it possible for the end user to capture breathtaking imagery.


Video Stabilizer
  • Field of View Correction

  • In optical lens systems, changing the focal distance of the lens often also result in a change in focal length. For smartphones this is very common, and the changes in field of view while refocusing can be quite disturbing.

    Given that the correct position of the focus-lens is known, Vidhance Field of View Correction can eliminate the effects of changing the focal length of the lens system. This allows the user to keep an undisturbed video flow while capturing moments in real time.  


  • Vidhance Capture is a part of the Vidhance SDK, which includes support for integration in any software layer of the camera pipeline, whether it is inside the camera driver or in a high-level application. Vidhance offers a rich and well documented API with a high level of configuration available to the user. A standard CPU/GPU works just fine, so there are hardly any hardware dependencies or minimal requirements to worry about.