Video curation software

Professional results in seconds with Auto Curate

  • Who hasn’t shot far too long video sequences on their smartphone? What if there was an easy way of cutting out the boring parts, keeping only the interesting ones? This is what Vidhance Auto Curate does. With Vidhance video curation software in your phone, you achieve professional video results in seconds. Experience the future in video curation software, that can fit right in the palm of your hand.


  • Probably the most important difference between a consumer video and a professional one is that 95% of what the pro actually records ends up in the bin. Editing a video, and especially cutting out excess material, is critical to achieving a good result, especially if the clip is longer than a minute or so. Our dilemma is that we want something that does this job in seconds and on the fly. The answer? Intelligent video curation software.


  • Vidhance real time analysis collects metadata while recording, i.e. carefully selected parameters extracted by our analytics algorithms provide additional information about the video. This metadata, in combination with information on viewing experience, is used to automatically segment a clip into natural scenes, and at the same time advising the user on what parts to keep and what to throw away.

    Out of your long video shoot, you get the best seconds cut and curated – a vastly improved result that’s ready for immediate sharing on social media.


  • You view your video segmented into several clips in the user interface. Based on our algorithms, you see suggestions of what to keep and what to cut out. You simply change or accept – and in seconds you have created an engaging and impressive video. All thanks to Vidhance video curation software.


  • This feature is not yet implemented and we are looking for lead partners to create a top-notch, on-the-go editing tool. We have the technology and expertise to build this together with partners with high front-end experience. Please contact us if you believe that you are the partner for us.

    Since people increasingly want to share videos with each other, this video curation software has the potential to become a highly sought-after feature all over the world.