Remote assistant video enhancement

Vidhance Professional Solutions

Vidhance Professional Solutions serve business users with video enhancement products and services.

Remote assistant video enhancement

Vidhance Professional Solutions serve business users such as Remote Assistance, Surveillance & Security and Medical, with video enhancement products and services. Through groundbreaking algorithms and end-to-end video solutions – deeply embedded in products, in the cloud, or somewhere in between we bring features that help businesses thrive.

Our years of experience in different industries have given us a unique understanding of professional users’ requirements and we are constantly evolving our state-of-the-art products to bring them to new markets and use cases.

Enables quicker and more efficient resolutions

Smart Glasses and Remote Assistance

We have long experience and know how to address the specific needs for a good user experience in the field of remote assistance, be it as a field worker with a head mounted device or a remote expert giving support.

With stable, high-quality, real-time video processing on remote mentoring – smart glasses allow remote technicians to “see” what frontline workers see.

The Vidhance portfolio contains products to enhance the user experience and improve the overall video quality, and at the same time reduces the required bandwidth for a remote assistance use case.

Optimal for body-worn cameras

Security and Surveillance

Body-worn cameras are vital tools for law enforcement that have to handle situations that can be heated and involve sudden movements. A blurry recording can obstruct the process of accountability. By integrating Vidhance, the video content quality will always be smooth, sharp and stable, making it possible to identify a perpetrator during hasty circumstances.

Feel safe with Vidhance

Security and surveillance

Cameras are effective devices to view and secure an area that needs protection. Vidhance can enhance the video quality in both moving and stationary security camera systems.


We see constant advancement in technology, skills and experience in treating complicated and life-threatening diseases; either in the surgical theaters or by medical first responders out in the field. By the use of cameras, for example head mounted, the surgeon can get live advice from a more senior expert in a complicated procedure, and the first responder can provide more comprehensive information back to the emergency room. With stable, high-quality, real-time video processing on remote mentoring devices allow online senior expert to see the live surgeon and give accurate advice.

Simple clear-cut modular API

Vidhance SDK

Highly efficient energy consumptions, CPU- and memory footprint, easy to integrate and optimise on pre-validated platforms, faster time to commercialisation, full control of code and future maintenance and always up-to-date with the latest software version.

All moving cameras

Other solutions

Vidhance is a flexible software. We welcome all motion cameras, both in the consumer and industrial market. Vidhance algorithms can be applied to all moving camera devices where the video quality is an essential factor.

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