Vidhance for Remote Assistance

Vidhance for Remote Assistance is specifically designed for remote support, collaboration and training with a head mounted, body worn or handheld camera.

Vidhance Premium Video Stabilization

What is it?

Vidhance Premium Video Stabilization keeps the frame stable when you shoot video with a handheld, head mounted, or body worn camera. It also keeps the horizontal plane levelled and corrects for lens distortions, all in real-time.  Hence, it’s a tailor-made solution for stabilizing the video in a Remote Assistance situation where you don’t want to pay attention to your device.


Why is it helpful?

When you move your body or turn your head, your eyes can focus on an object unconsciously but for the remote viewer the result is a shaky video that can be very difficult to follow and even cause motion sickness. Vidhance efficiently eliminates such shakings resulting as if the camera was mounted on a stand.


How does it work?

Vidhance reads motion data from the camera’s motion sensors and calculates an optimum stabilization frame by frame. This is a very robust and efficient method that has been battle proven in over 850 million Smartphones.

Vidhance Click & Lock

What is it?

Vidhance Click & Lock allows the remote viewer to zoom in on an object and keep the video frame locked on the object even if the object and the camera moves.


Why is it helpful?

This feature gives the remote viewer more control with the ability to focus on details independently from the person wearing the camera.


How does it work?

Vidhance Click & Lock allows the remote viewer to click and lock in on any type of object. Vidhance will track and zoom in on that object to keep it visible and in focus independent of how the camera or the object moves.

How can I get Vidhance for Remote Assistance?

I am a manufacturer of hardware for remote assistance.

Our Vidhance SDK support most SoCs, and the reference code is written for Android. There are, however, no dependencies towards the operating system which means it can be implemented on many different platforms and environments.


I am a developer of remote assistance and video communication software.

Vidhance can be integrated in your software, either on device application level, in your browser on the remote side or as a feature in the video communication platform.


Vidhance for Remote Assistance is available for licensing from Imint Image Intelligence AB. Do you want to learn more?

On the RealWear frontline

In 2021 IMINT announced a unique collaboration with RealWear Inc. – the world’s leading developer of industrial-grade assisted reality connected devices for industrial applications. The purpose of the collaboration is to bring superior video quality to RealWear’s award-winning assisted reality wearable computer for frontline workers. HMT-1 is a voice-controlled and head-mounted device, delivering the industry’s clearest, most stable video performance to frontline workers who need hands-free access for visual communications and information.

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