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Better selfie video is around the corner

Selfie video is a big part of modern communication, both at work and in private life. With Vidhance Selfie Mode, it is easier to keep yourself in the frame. It allows you to focus on the conversation rather than the technical issues. Vidhance Selfie Mode, an EIS solution dedicated to selfie video, provides impressive face stabilization and face distortion removal, which effortlessly gives selfie video a noticeable quality boost.

  • Increased selfie video quality
  • Face stabilization
  • EIS solution dedicated for selfie video
  • Face distortion removal

Updated Selfie Mode 1.2

A new-and-improved Selfie Mode software has been added to Vidhance video stabilization platform. With Selfie Mode 1.2, it brings greater accuracy, intelligence and stabilization to selfie videos.

Selfie Mode 1.2 Clears Common Video Hurdles:

  • Intelligent Face Position Activation
  • Smarter Motion Estimation

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Vidhance Selfie Mode

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