Smart Glasses

Implementing Vidhance to smart glasses allow you to see through your colleagues eyes, in crystal clear quality, while still maintaining a distance.

Up close. On a distance.

Smart glasses provide a new perspective. With stable, high-quality, real-time video processing on remote mentoring – smart glasses allow remote technicians to “see” what frontline workers see while maintaining a safe distance during the pandemic, or by bringing their expertise to bear without incurring travel costs.

On the RealWear frontline

In 2021 IMINT announced a unique collaboration with RealWear Inc. – the world’s leading developer of industrial-grade assisted reality connected devices for industrial applications. The purpose of the collaboration is to bring superior video quality to RealWear’s award-winning assisted reality wearable computer for frontline workers. HMT-1 is a voice-controlled and head-mounted device, delivering the industry’s clearest, most stable video performance to frontline workers who need hands-free access for visual communications and information.

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