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Target Markets

The direction is obvious. Cameras will be everywhere in the near future. Ever since our founding years, IMINT has been focused on developing algorithms that can elevate images and videos to never before seen levels. Today, our algorithms power hundreds of million cameras.

IMINT has a long history in creating solutions for smartphones, drones, smart glasses and other industrial applications. Through groundbreaking algorithms – deeply embedded in our customers’ products, we bring new features that help both professionals and consumers.

Our experience in different industries has given us a unique and broad understanding of each market’s specific requirements. We are committed to continue to evolve our state-of-the-art products and solutions and bring them to new markets.

Smartphone friendly


Vidhance transforms a standard smartphone camera into a professional video recording device, making it possible for the user to fully capture that magical moment on the screen. Vidhance is based on cutting edge video enhancement algorithms and can be found in smartphones from the world’s leading manufacturers.

Optimal for body-worn cameras

Body cams

Body-worn cameras are vital tools for law enforcement that have to handle situations that can be heated and involve sudden movements. A blurry recording can obstruct the process of accountability. By integrating Vidhance, the video content quality will always be smooth, sharp and stable, making it possible to identify a perpetrator during hasty circumstances.

Up close – on a distance

Smart glasses

Be smart. Use Vidhance. With stable, high-quality, real-time video processing on remote mentoring – smart glasses allow remote technicians to “see” what frontline workers see while maintaining a safe distance during the pandemic, or by bringing their expertise to bear without incurring travel costs.

Unmanned aerial vehicles


We actually have our roots in the drone business. Filming from unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) such as drones can be tricky. With Vidhance implemented, turbulence, sudden motions and strong vibrations will not be an obstacle – even in the most difficult conditions.

Automation is the future

Robotic vision & Industrial automation

Robots will be the main drive in the automation of society. Robotic systems typically consist of one or multiple cameras mounted at the end of a robot, all in application specific lighting. 2D or 3D, Vidhance will provide high quality video feeds that are free from shake and noise. A crucial foundation for robotic vision to function at its full potential.

Simple clear-cut modular API

Vidhance SDK

Highly efficient energy consumptions, CPU- and memory footprint, easy to integrate and optimise on pre-validated platforms, faster time to commercialisation, full control of code and future maintenance and always up-to-date with the latest software version.

For a better drive


Vision technologies are fueling a transformation in the automotive industry. Enabling advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) and useful infotainment are two striking examples. Vidhance can deliver state-of-the-art video enhancement algorithms for the highest possible quality video stream, completely noise and shake free for any automotive vision system. The future is here.

Smooth integration

Chipsets & smart camera modules

Vidhance makes your smart camera even smarter. How? Through optimized video enhancement algorithms integrated into chips, further enhancing the computer vision capabilities and performance – unlocking their full potential with AI.

Feel safe with Vidhance

Security and surveillance

Cameras are effective devices to secure and surveillance an area that needs protection. As long as the vision provided is crystal clear. Vidhance can be used to enhance the video quality in both moving and stationary security camera systems.

Let us guide you

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More than timekeeping


Smartwatch technology opens up to more possibilities than just timekeeping. One of the latest trends among smartwatches is to equip a dual camera on the watch for entertainment and video call purposes. Vidhance brings better video quality with less HW requirements at a lower cost. Creating a basis for a successful business.

Super resolution

Online video platforms

The pandemic has increased the usage of online video platforms and solutions. Vidhance is a perfect match, providing real-time video enhancement, super high resolution, noise removal and frame interpolation that improves old video content to respond to the viewing standards of today. The Vidhance platform is made for streaming entertainment, greatly enhancing the experience of the anchor and the audience.

All moving cameras

Other solutions

Vidhance is a flexible software. We welcome all motion cameras, both in the consumer and industrial market. Vidhance algorithms can be applied to all moving camera devices where the video quality is an essential factor.

Video Enhancement Software Platform

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