Temporal Noise Reduction

No noise: better video.

What is temporal noise?

Temporal noise is an artifact produced by all digital image sensors. This is due to the physical properties of the internal circuits in the sensor and cannot be avoided in the production line. The noise will appear as random color and intensity changes in the video, and the noise increases for darker scenes.

The algorithm for Vidhance Temporal Noise Reduction is tuned to work seamlessly with Vidhance Video Stabilization and performs the rendering in one step, which reduces the power consumption compared to having a separate stabilization algorithm.

Noise free videos

At IMINT, we always strive to enhance every aspect of video quality, increase performance and lower power consumption. Noise pollution can ruin even the best of recordings. Let us present: Vidhance Temporal Noise Reduction, which uses image analysis to reduce the amount of noise in the video. This entails reducing noise artifacts from random variations of brightness and color information.

  • Reduce temporal noise in the video
  • The algorithm uses complex image analysis
  • Leads to better video and lower power consumption

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Vidhance Temporal Noise Reduction

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