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How good is your video stabilization solution?

What is Video Stabilization Evaluation

The Video Stabilization Evaluation is a testing tool that 

  • Evaluates and scores the stabilization quality in your video
  • Objectively compares the result of your stabilization with other solutions

Initial purpose of the Video Stabilization Evaluation

It was initially developed for Imint internal testing purposes. Since we notice that it’s a very effective tool for testing the video stabilization result, we would like to share with external users. 

The Video Stabilization Evaluation will give you

  • A score based on all the vital parameters of video stabilization
  • The chance to benchmark the score with the leading solution on the market

Benefits of the Video Stabilization Evaluation

  • Get an objective score of your current solution
  • Easily analyse all aspects of your solution
  • Benchmark your solution with competition or leading solutions on the market

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