Video Stabilization Generation 4

A completely redesigned stabilization engine

The Newest Video Stabilization Solution

Imint’s core expertise is within video stabilization, where we have been the world leader for many years. We have been constantly improving our product, but these iterative improvements were no longer the right way forward. We needed to take a step back and change the way we approach video stabilization. 

We used the experience built over the years and redesigned the very core of the stabilization engine. This redesign takes the biggest leap in stabilization technology for years. All known competitors are now stuck one step behind us with their classical approach to video stabilization.

Vidhance Changes the Way Users Create Professional-Quality Video Content

The all-new Vidhance Video Stabilization Gen 4 solution continues Imint’s track record of pushing the boundaries of video experience, with a completely redesigned stabilization engine that has been tested by leading smartphone manufacturers and proven to deliver outstanding video in all use cases.

  • Significantly improved smoothness
  • Built-in intelligence always creates the best possible output video
  • More Flexible product. Default with specific improvements for DXOMARK® focus areas
  • Smarter use of lookahead meaning less memory required
  • Same easy integration, low power consumption & identical APIs

Unbeatable suppression of unintended motion

Imint aimed for outstanding video results for all possible scenarios, when designing this product. That boils down to two aspects: 

  • Remove disturbing and unwanted motions
  • Make sure that every kept motion is soft and smooth which gives a feeling that whatever motion that is kept feels intended and with a professional touch and purpose.

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Vidhance Video Stabilization Generation 4

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