Vidhance Software Development Kit gives flexibility, freedom and perfect integration.

The Software Development Kit

One of the great benefits with using the Vidhance platform is the included simple clear-cut modular API, which makes it easy to integrate and optimize with several platforms. The API comes with an SDK (software development kit) – including libraries, sample codes and supporting documents.

An SDK is typically a set of software development tools that allows the creation of applications for a certain software package. This makes it possible to equip smartphones, drones, surveillance cameras and other industrial applications with the Vidhance platform.

Read more about customizing video stabilization for specific user cases with the Vidhance Software Development Kit.

The Benefits

Imint don’t settle with just creating the best video enhancement algorithms. We also know that other factors are important. Therefore, this is what Vidhance SDK provides:

  • Highly efficient energy consumptions, CPU- and memory footprint
  • Easy to integrate and optimise on pre-validated platforms
  • Faster time to commercialisation
  • Full control of code and future maintenance
  • Always up-to-date with the latest software version

Vidhance SDK contains everything you need for a successful result. From years of integrating Vidhance SDK to various customers on multiple platforms, we know what it takes to achieve a smooth and efficient implementation. Vidhance SDK contains:

  • Vidhance video enhancement core library with multiple features
  • Utility code for different operating systems
  • Generic integration examples
  • Utility & example code for different chipsets
  • Tools & settings
  • Comprehensive documentation such as integration guide, API description etc

Leave the hard parts to us

Integrating video enhancement software requires skills, experience and human resources – we fulfill all of these requirements at Imint. The Vidhance team are comfortable in collaborating with global companies under varying circumstances. We are ready to tackle projects of varying nature, size and time frames. Our team understands the importance of critical deadlines and are willing to do whatever it takes to finish the project on time.

If we work on-site at your HQ or deliver services from our Swedish office is up to you.

  • On-demand expert services
  • On-site and remote support
  • DXOMARK tuning

Get the most out of Vidhance

We offer customer on-demand expert services, including On-site, Remote Support and DXOMARK tuning. Our services aim to help our customers get the most out of the hardware selection, advice on product setup and configurations specific to the device, and eventually maximize DXOMARK score on the device.

The Vidhance SDK is easy and intuitive to use, but nevertheless, video software sets high demands on the integration and optimizations to reach the tough requirements on both performance and power consumption. So, let the Vidhance team do the dirty work.

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